Go Away.

It’s odd, I feel like a should start blogging about the dodgy health problems I’ve had since 2010 began, but:

a) Never got round to it (what with being ill and all)

b) Thought it a tad self-indulgent

c) The thought of retreating from a normal, working life into one that fetishised my dodgy kidneys/heart seemed a bit, well… depressing and/or self-destructive.

Still, why write a diary that no-one could be bored by but myself, when literally tens of people could be distracted by my ego-centric ramblings on a hastily put together blog.

Ignoring the random re-posted reviews soon to be popped down the memory hole, this here be the first post of my blog. Some posts might cover The Villa, games, animation and music, but in all likelihood, most will just be a diary of my various trips to hospital to document a pretty shitty time in my life (loved ones and friends, etc excepted).

So with that in mind, please bugger off.


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