Back at Work

T’was my first day back at work yesterday for a fortnight, and my first lunchtime dialysis in over a month. I felt pleasingly energetic at the end of the working day, although feel a bit tired today.

There’s so much shit I have to avoid, take or do at the moment it’s often difficult to point to exactly why or what has made me feel tired. In all likelihood though, it’s probably one or two of three causes:

  • During my daily grazing, I’ve inadvertedly consumed something with potassium in.
  • I’m still only exchanging half bags (1 litre rather than 2) during dialysis until Friday, combined with going off haemodialysis.
  • I’m adjusting to being back in work after 2 weeks off.

Whatever the reason, my head is getting pretty desperate for coffee now.

In other news, my car tax expires today – although I’m still awaiting the form from the DVLA after changing my address, and I have an occupational health appointment tomorrow in Selly Oak Hospital.


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