Now With Added Scars!!!

Today I had another minor procedure at New Cross Hospital, this time to remove the haemodialysis line sticking out my neck. As ever, it wasn’t quite as simple as planned, the tube wouldn’t come out with a initial pull and shove, so I was injected with local anaesthetic, an incision was made, and the fibrin (a fibre that grows in the body) which had grown around the line was cut away.

It’s an odd sensation having parts sliced off me under local, you don’t feel pain, but can feel things actually going on. I just tried my best to relax, and think of being elsewhere. Not always easy when you keep hearing the Doctor saying ‘No, get the big needle…’ to the nurse.

Anyway, it’s all over now, and I’m just left feeling a bit sore, stiff and (a bit earlier anyway) bloody. Insert your own joke there.


One thought on “Now With Added Scars!!!

  1. Davros, you been proper in the wars mate!!!! hope you get better soon, will sort out hooking up next week or over weekend, rock on!!!!

    Keep smilin x

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