Bad News Sandwich*

Good news 1.0: Last Thursday, my cardiologist said my last echo-cardiogram shows my heart has made a big improvement, and if it continues it’s improvement, it should be back to normal levels by the time of my next scan in 5 months time.

Bad news: Got a letter today from the hospital informing me that I’m anemic, and now need to give myself an injection (of EPO I think) once a week. Naturally, I’m delighted to add another condition to the ‘what diseases have you got’ social media app that is no doubt in development somewhere in Digbeth.

Good news 2.0: I can now have showers again! Banned by the CAPD nurses from having showers until (sorry, this next bit is grim) the scab on my peritoneal catheter exit site had fallen off, I can now wave goodbye to the dreaded flannel.

*’Bad news sandwich’ because it’s a piece of bad news sidled by two bits of good news. Often misconstrued as a ‘good news sandwich’, such an entity would be the equivalent of labelling a cheese sandwich a ‘bread sandwich’.


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