Top 10 Weapons in Games

I was asked by the folks over at Square Go to list my 10 favourite weapons from gaming. As it’ll probably only be published in part, here’s the complete list including hastily thought up explanations:
10 – Mario’s Boots – Why flip a tortoise over to neutralise it, when you can jump and stamp on it’s head with your Italian made size 9’s?
9 – Gravity Gun, Half Life 2 – An original idea, brilliantly pulled off.
8 – Build control – The SIms – Recreate the West’s residence circa. 1990 by inviting people in, then removing the door and windows (and toilet) when they visit the bathroom and watching them starve. Or for those with an even darker intent, remove the swimming pool ladder whilst the baby is in the pool (sorry, a mate told me that once and I still can’t get it out my head. Wrong).
7 – BFG, Doom – Surely the Daddy of FPS weapons
6 – Sniper rifle, Silent Scope (Arcade) – If only for the joys of nabbing silent head shots whilst holding a pint amidst a rough and ready local.
5 – Big hammer thing – Halo3 – So powerful it throws you into the air. Awesome.
4 – Sticky grenades – Red Faction – Not sure if they got there before Halo or not, but the sadistic pleasure in seeing a bloke run in circles before exploding can not be underestimated.
3 – Plastic bag – Manhunt – Like a public information film on why kids shouldn’t play with Tesco bags, but made by a sociopath.
2 – Banana Bomb – Worms – Better on some versions than others admittedly, but at its best the chaos created by this most Carry On of weapons could wipe out a whole field.
1 – Katana – GTA: Vice City – See someone rollerskating down the seafront with a smug sense of their own perfection? Destroy their sense of balance by slicing off their arm with this Japanese sword. A weapon probably too violent for the improved graphics of the 360 version.

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