British taxpayers were outraged today after it was revealed that upwards of half a million unemployed youths are costing the state MILLIONS OF POUNDS each year, whilst contributing absolutely NOTHING to the economy.

The scroungers, collect in groups of twenty to thirty within vast publicly funded buildings, heavily subsidised by the state.

As a further insult, these sponges and the public sector workers who work with them, enjoy months of holidays every year, while BRITISH soliders fight for our freedom every day in Afghanistan.

“This is an absolute outrage, which further undermines Britain’s place in the world,” says a critical source. “These privileged, pampered few pay zero taxes, and even struggle to form complex sentences after years of ‘education’.”

When asked why they were effectively holding the British tax payers to ransom, Sally, 5, class 1J, said “I like sweeties.”


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