Broken Heart Now Fixed

This will be another diary-style post about my various ailments. As such, no attempt will be made to inform, entertain or delight the reader. So, um… goodbye.

I had a cardiologist appointment last week, and for a nice change, it was good news. See, a year ago I was told by a consultant after first being admitted that the heart condition I had (later diagnosed as Cardiomyopathy) may cause me to die young. Metaphorical kick in the gonads this was, it also meant that I would be prevented from being added to the kidney transplant waiting list (around 18 months for young, white males).

Anyway, back to the cardiologist appointment; the results from my echocardiogram in December have come back and I was told my heart is now back to normal. Although I still have to carry on with the heart drugs (Ramipril (5mg) and Biosoprusol (2.5mg), it does mean I can start looking for live kidney donors. So, next step is a renal appointment on 3rd Feb, where we’ll hopefully discuss transplants.


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