Dodgy health update 1st May 2011

It’s almost 13 months since I was diagnosed with Chronic Renal Failure and Cardiomyopathy. So, where do I stand at the moment?

Well I’ve been on Automatic Peritoneal Dialysis, since July 2010, with about 5 bouts of peritonitis during that time (the last time a direct result of a manufacturing error by the bag suppliers, Baxters). More recently the extreme itchiness caused by the glue in the dressing that covers my ‘exit site’ (where a plastic tube goes into my belly), has lead to sleepless nights and general irritation during the day. Since seeing my GP though, I’ve been using a steroid cream on the rash the dressings leave, and walking around without a dressing at all (which felt a bit weird at first).

Good news came in January when the cardiologist confirmed that my heart functions had returned to normal levels, and the Cardiomyopathy had been effectively treated by the combination of medication and dialysis. This in turn meant that I could be added to the kidney transplant waiting list, and my mom could start having the required tests to check for compatibility in order to donate a kidney to me. So, after a number of tests (the only one of which I had to have, a blood test, I blacked out during), we’re now waiting for the results, with the operation then taking place at QE hospital in a 4-6 months time probably.

So, fingers crossed ‘n’ all that.


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