In the words of Europe…

It’s the final countdown. Next Tuesday, all things being well, I’ll be the proud owner of a new kidney. Well, I say new, it’ll actually be one of my mom’s old kidneys (unfortunately, when it comes to transplants, second hand is the only option….).

In fact I’ll have 3 kidneys by the end or the op, they just add one each time – rather than removing any, until you’re bursting at the seams, or something.

Today though, I have the first of numerous appointments. Today, I’m at QE Hospital for a line insertion. This means I’m having a tube inserted into my neck vain, in order for me to receive a pretransplant anti immunity treatment next Monday.

Anyway, I’m going in soon, so will leave it there.


One thought on “In the words of Europe…

  1. Good luck with everything Dave. Hope all goes well for you both. Sending you lots of love xxx

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