Rocky IV-style Research Montage

Today I’m at QE Hospital again, this time to take part in a number of tests for a University of Birmingham research project.

So far, this had meant blood tests, assorted scans, and jumping on something like a Wii balance board. Oh, and completing a food diary for the last 3 days, as well as a mammoth questionnaire on tiredness.

Results so far are that my BMI is slightly below average (shock and/or horror), but my muscle and fat ratio is at average for my age (*thrusts powerfist in the air*).

Anyway, despite forgetting to fast before the test, it all seems fairly straightforward. The other thing I’m here for today however, is an appointment with the preop clerk at 1:30. Not sure what this will involve, but imagine I’ll be ticking and initialling lots more boxes before the day is out.


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