The joys of ABO treatment


As I write this, I’m plugged into an immuno suppression machine, designed to remove just the antibodies in my blood that would react with my mom’s AB blood type, when her kidney is transplanted to me.

Each treatment costs £2,000 in materials, and its only been used in the UK for under 10 years or so.

It’s fairly painless, although early in the treatment, I had a bit of a reaction. As a side effect, the machine removed too much of my body’s calcium, which made me feel sick, light headed and get pins and needles all over. Thankfully, the nurse fiddled with the machine settings, and gave me a calcium tablet, and I started feeling better.

The entire process has processed 6.3 litres of my blood, and taken about 3 hours.


2 thoughts on “The joys of ABO treatment

  1. Hey Dave, I had this mental vision that the doctors were going to have to force feed you hundreds of babybels and kraft dairylea triangles to bring your calcium levels back up again!! Good to hear you’re feeling a bit better in all this process! K

  2. Looks like a London Underground map !

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