Public transport woes

Excellent public transport so far this morning. First, the train was 20min late and dangerously overcrowded, so I missed my connecting train to Perry Barr.

This meant catching the 51 bus instead. Whereby office printed posters said ’33 and 51 bus stop moved’ (but nor where to). On the back of said posters I found an upside down map directing me to a road I’d never heard of (although recognised when I reached it).

Over the weekend it seems, many city centre bus stops had been moved, without any passengers being told, leading to groups of commuters wandering aimlessly through town.

(Currently sat on the bus).


Broken Heart Now Fixed

This will be another diary-style post about my various ailments. As such, no attempt will be made to inform, entertain or delight the reader. So, um… goodbye.

I had a cardiologist appointment last week, and for a nice change, it was good news. See, a year ago I was told by a consultant after first being admitted that the heart condition I had (later diagnosed as Cardiomyopathy) may cause me to die young. Metaphorical kick in the gonads this was, it also meant that I would be prevented from being added to the kidney transplant waiting list (around 18 months for young, white males).

Anyway, back to the cardiologist appointment; the results from my echocardiogram in December have come back and I was told my heart is now back to normal. Although I still have to carry on with the heart drugs (Ramipril (5mg) and Biosoprusol (2.5mg), it does mean I can start looking for live kidney donors. So, next step is a renal appointment on 3rd Feb, where we’ll hopefully discuss transplants.


I’ve been trying to compile a round-up of my year on this here blog, although all attempts at brevity seem to be falling by the wayside (even in bullet point format). With a burst of chronic kidney and heart diseases in the early part of the year, it makes for particularly depressing, dark writing which demands a bottle of whiskey to accompany its creation.

Balls, machine is beeping, will get back to this…