One Year on From a Kidney Transplant

One year ago, to the day, I had a kidney transplant courtesy of my mom. She didn’t perform the operation sadly, but did donate her kidney. Which was nice, and meant I could come off dialysis, and have a more normal life (and not die young).

Anyway, although I’d been anticipating the date, the 13th March, I completely forgot about the occasion until this afternoon.

Looking back, it’s a strange mix of convoluted emotions, the rational part of my brain relays the obvious benefits mentioned above, but thinking back, my mind instead jumps to the rawer memories of pain, fear and perpetual exhaustion.

The days, weeks and months after the operation were littered with numerous hospital stays whenever my blood results didn’t quite make the mark. During these stays, I’d be subjected to ever-more gruesome scans, tests and minor operations to find out why my new kidney – although working well, wasn’t working perfectly. Whether I like it or not, this is what comes to mind, looking back. Like everyone else, it’s surprisingly easy to take my now relatively normal (I’ll need another new kidney sometime in the next 10-30 years), fit and healthy life for granted.

Perhaps, it’s only when I am fit and healthy, and back working full-time, as I am now, that it’s actually possible contemplate the time since I was diagnosed with kidney and heart failure in January 2010. Since then, my focus has always been on getting through it and looking forward.

Anyway, this has been a bit of a long and rambly post after WordPress lost my last one in the cloud. So I’ll leave it


Back in the CAPD

Went into hospital this morning for my first CAPD exchange since last Tuesday’s operation to replace my peritoneal catheter. Nicely enough, the exchange was quick (unlike before the catheter was replaced) and painless.

This now means I’m off haemodialysis and back on peritoneal dialysis, which means it takes 30 minutes, 4 times a day at home or at work, rather than 4 hours, 3 times a week, in hospital.

The nurses have said I have to be back in on Friday, when they’ll increase my amount of fluid from 1 litre to 2. Hopefully I’ll also be booked in for Automatic (overnight) dialysis in the next few weeks too, which should gradually nudge my life back into some regular pattern.

Until then, I’ll be back into work tomorrow for the first time since in 2 weeks. Perfect timing too, what with the midday group games in the World Cup now finished.

See, I told you this wouldn’t be interesting. Now go away.

Go Away.

It’s odd, I feel like a should start blogging about the dodgy health problems I’ve had since 2010 began, but:

a) Never got round to it (what with being ill and all)

b) Thought it a tad self-indulgent

c) The thought of retreating from a normal, working life into one that fetishised my dodgy kidneys/heart seemed a bit, well… depressing and/or self-destructive.

Still, why write a diary that no-one could be bored by but myself, when literally tens of people could be distracted by my ego-centric ramblings on a hastily put together blog.

Ignoring the random re-posted reviews soon to be popped down the memory hole, this here be the first post of my blog. Some posts might cover The Villa, games, animation and music, but in all likelihood, most will just be a diary of my various trips to hospital to document a pretty shitty time in my life (loved ones and friends, etc excepted).

So with that in mind, please bugger off.